Recent watercolours

Picking up Windfalls Two Vases, 2016 December Evening, 2016 Back Gardens in South East London, 2016
The Tree Surgeon, 2015 Blue Hour - Pink Poppy, 2015 A Day Dream, 2014 Two Apricots and Other Things on a Little Persian Rug, 2014
White Anemones, 2014 The Modigliani Postcard, 2014 Gulls in the Park, 2013 Morning Walk, 2011
A French Farmyard, 2011 White Butterfly in the Autumn Garden, 2011 Varekai. Le cirque du Soleil, 2011 Still Life and a Painting, 2011
A Table by the Window,2010 Changing the level of the floor, the Albert Hall, 2010 Towards Evening, 2010 Rendez-vous in the Gardens, 2010

Watercolours are arranged broadly in reverse date order, i.e. work from 2017 is at the top of the page, and earlier work towards the bottom. Click on an image to see a larger one (and to read further details where available).

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