"June Berry is a modest artist in the real sense of the word: well conducted and orderly in her work and rather more to the point, unpretentious, straightforward and direct. And yet the irony is that such modesty makes what she does, not less, but all the more interesting and convincing for its seriousness and proper ambition, to say nothing of accomplishment. For her commitment is to the work itself, and clear ambition to make it true to her experience and imaginative intention. She finds her subjects either in and around the farmhouse, on the edge of a village of the Deux Sevres in midwestern France, which she and her husband have had these thirty years past, or in the streets and parks of south east London, where they live. Her paintings, in both oil and watercolour, are born of close observation, registered in notes and sketchbooks and worked up back in the studio. If her drawings and compositional studies remain a very private record, seldom exhibited, they are none the less substantial and fundamental to her work."   Reproduced by kind permission. Copyright © William Packer 1998.

Oil paintings Watercolours Drawings Work before 2010
Recent oil paintings Recent watercolours Drawings Work before 2010

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