The Matisse Postcard

The Matisse Postcard. 2004, charcoal and Conté 16 x 18 inches.

Each object in this collection on my window sill has its own significance for me. I have always been intrigued by birds, and they appear frequently as compositional devices in my work. The little carved wooden hen, complete with egg on her back, was a gift from my daughter in her childhood and refers to the family pet name of Hen for their mother. My collection of bird feathers is kept in a jug bought at a vide grenier (boot sale) in France and the richly patterned glass goblet and free form container with a plant in it came from my friend Peter Layton of the London Glassblowing Workshop. The modern version of a traditional Russian decorated wooden ladle reminds us of my father-in-law who was born and brought up in Russia. Lastly, the postcard represents an artist who has always been one of my heroes. I think they make an interesting composition and the lack of local colour pulls it all together.

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