A Brisk Walk

A Brisk Walk, 2013, charcoal and Conté 16 x 19 inches.

I have always used sketchbooks as a way of collecting material for my paintings in oils and watercolour, most of which are assembled from components - both figures and settings - that had been jotted down at different times over a long period. Normally I would not work on the spot, but work up my paintings in the studio from collected information and/or memory, but recent drawings such as this one were done in situ. Figures, dogs, birds etc are sometimes seen at the time, or they might be added for compositional reasons. The subjects are usually French because in France I can sit outdoors for several hours comfortably and unobserved, in a way that is not possible in England. I enjoy exploring not just a 'new' technique which I can use out of doors, but I am also taking advantage of the expressive potential of line and the discipline of a limited palette. In this instance, I wanted to find ways of representing the array of different leaf patterns to make a flattened, decorative composition, and an invented human figure had to be included, of course.

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